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A structure to grow and scale 

As a start up you know the value of implementing the right structures from day one that allow you to grow and scale quickly.

The Beyond 19 Diamond Model® is a tried and tested methodology that enables you to establish the right sales performance metrics from day 1 based on sales behaviours.

This framework is simple to use and also enables you to look for sales staff with the desired behaviours while recruiting.

At Beyond 19, we provide a world-leading behavioural sales framework, which enables you and your people to act on insight, rather than instinct. The foundation of everything we do, The Diamond Model® was informed by 20 years of research on how high-performance sales people achieve outstanding results, both top line and margin, consistently.

The framework at its core highlights: Insight, Initiatives, Customer Value, and Cadence (otherwise known as: rhythm, discipline, planning, and priority). Each of these represents one point of the Diamond with the overarching element of Relevancy. This framework provides direction and guidance to drive the behaviours of your sales people in ways that benefit your customers, and ultimately achieve better results for themselves and your company.

If you want a rhytmic process to improve your teams sales performance, then it is time to touch base with us.


What our customers say:

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"Beyond 19 Partners has the unique blend of both a strong conceptual grasp of marketing with a bias for execution. I have partnered with Beyond 19 Partners as they have worked across organisations to design and implement performance improvement."
Richard Crawford, Consulting Partner, Right Turn Pty Ltd

"The Diamond approach changed the way we do business. By better understanding our customer's strategic objectives, we could put together longer term, high value proposals. So instead of bidding on short term jobs, we are now building real business partnerships with our customers."
Drew Pawlak, Senior Vice President, Business Development, BMM Testlabs

"Beyond 19 Partners provide great facilitation, coaching and strategy, but perhaps their most valuable attribute is their ability to simplify complex issues down to the fundamental actions needed to address them."
John Phillips, Charter Mason


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