Sequencer™ - Opportunity Manager

Win More Opportunities in Less Time

Native to Salesforce and completely customizable to suit any industry and your company, Sequencer drives a shift in thinking and challenges engrained ways of working.

Proposing solutions too early or taking an ad hoc approach can take more time and lead to lost business. Save time, shorten the sales cycle and improve win rates by avoiding these common mistakes.

Sequencer provides a clear and concise pathway for managing opportunities more effectively. With easy to follow sequential steps, the Sales Person can understand where they're really at in the Opportunity.

At each and every stage of the sales process, Sequencer provides recommended actions to the sales person to help them navigate through complex sales situations. This also provides a new dimension of data for Einstein Data Analytics.

Through encouraging collaborative strategy, Sequencer creates a foundation for better relationships between Sales Managers and their team by providing the context and content for better coaching.

  • Improve forecasting

Improve organizational performance with a more realistic analysis of the status of each opportunity. Recommended actions are provided that assist to advance the sales stages and produce a more predictable outcome. 

  • Increase win rates 

By creating a deeper understanding of the customers needs and using a responsible selling process, you can improve win rates by at least 30%. By providing a streamlined pathway you spend less getting the desired results.

  • Create a better sales experience 

Instill trust with your customers by delivering greater value through a deeper understanding of their key issues and proposing relevant differentiated solutions. This streamlines the process saving time for you and the customer.

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