Sales Person Assessment continued

Most sales people need clear operational frameworks and boundaries in order to be successful and continually improve. By knowing where they stand, a Sales Person will always be happier and more effective than those who don't have a clear pathway.

It enables a Sales Person and their Manager to have a new meaningful connection.
Discussions focus on behavioral improvements, rather than those that are just looking at numbers and the demanding of more sales, work toward a much better Sales Person-to-Sales Manager relationship. Sales Person commitment is greatly improved under this operating framework.

It is a reference point for behavioral change (current position to preferred position). It gives a Sales Person a clear indication of where they are today and where they need to get to in order to be successful; expressed by easily understood and interpretable data. Sales People are used to being measured and in this sense they have something to strive for.

It strengthens employee engagement by highlighting their purpose, their behaviors and the expected outcomes. Knowing what is expected in more than just numerical terms is very important to a Sales Person in their ongoing development.

It gives the Sales Person a point of reference with respect to where they sit in regards to overall good customer engagement. Knowing what the company expects is one thing. Knowing where you sit with respect to good customer engagement practice overall becomes a very important element of a Sales Person's sense of value.

They can discover where they stand in comparison to their peers as seen through the eyes of their manager. The tool can be used carefully and considerately by the Sales Manager to indicate how one team member compares with another; based on measurements beyond simply sales revenue. This is most helpful in the coaching process as a Manager can point to specific behaviors others are exhibiting that are drive high performance.

It allows them to see where they may need some personal development and assistance so they can display vital sales behaviors for the tasks at hand. To some Sales People, the areas where they really excel or where they need development are just not obvious. Diamond Assessments® highlights areas of both strength and areas where development is needed. The tool therefore is great with respect to personal insight and self-awareness.

Re-assessing over time will indicate to the Sales Person whether their behavior has been modified from their previous assessment.Personal improvement is encouraging to anyone. Having a way of measuring improvement from a behavioral aspect definitively assists in developing confidence and competence.

It makes their job easier and less stressful. When a Sales Person is doing the right thing and doing what's right, life becomes a lot easier and a lot less stressful. Good sales people appreciate that "working" the Diamond assists them to reach their targets as it helps them focus on short, medium and long term initiatives.

It gives the Sales Person a sense of how they are going compared with expectations. Sales people need clarity to what is expected of them. The tool assists greatly with this clarity, not only in what is expected from a behavioral perspective, but also through the creation of a common language and common understanding.

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