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Sales Managers are not typically well equipped to have a conversation about a sales person's performance. They tend to focus on reinforcing sales metrics and numbers, which will not address the actual behavioural issues. The Beyond 19 Diamond Model® gives them the basis of a different kind of conversation and brings a structure and a way of thinking that actually makes a sales managers job easier.

  • It gives the manager a framework to manage and coach to
  • It sets behavioural expectations and creates a positive, proactive sales culture
  • It helps develop meaningful discussions resulting in better customer engagement and sales performance
  • It can be used as one of the contributing elements of a Personal Development Plan
  • It helps to identify and understand team behaviors and forms a basis of understanding team dynamics and collaboration
  • It assists to identify whether a person is currently fit-for-purpose with respect to customer engagement in their given roles
  • Not only does it set behavioral expectations but it creates a positive and proactive sales culture
  • It helps people to reach their goals more efficiently and effectively

Sales Manager behaviors have a big impact on sales people's performance. Read more

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