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Diamond Assessments® - Learning and Development Tool is the collaborative way to drive great sales team's results through effective Sales Management behaviours. Diamond Assessments® for Sales Managers is a unique tool that assist Sales Managers to improve the performance of their sales teams by focusing on the vital behaviours of Leading, Coaching and Managing teams for success. Diamond Assessments is a way of measuring the levels of the "vital" behaviors exhibited by sales managers across three behavioural dimensions:
  • Leading
  • Coaching
  • Managing

It provides sales managers with a wealth of behavioural information about improving particular vital behaviors that are required to achieve high performance. This achieves more predictable outcomes and unlocks the potential of a sales team.

It gives the Manager a framework to coach to.
The Beyond 19 Diamond Model® highlighted through the Diamond Assessments®, Learning and Development Tool gives an instant framework for coaching and managing and provides a sense of direction when it comes to driving sales performance through their sales manager and their team.

It can be used for a Personal Development Plan. The Diamond Assessments®, Learning and Development tool can form the basis of a very specific development plan based on behaviours or can significantly support and complement existing plans.

It assists to identify whether a person is currently fit-for-purpose with respect to their given roles. It all comes together when a Sales Manager likes what they do, are good at doing what they do, and that key stakeholders value what they do. The tool helps people align these three things and delivers value when it comes to both competency development and performance management.

Not only does it set behavioral expectations but also it creates a positive, proactive, sales culture. When the sales team believes their manager is well in control of what is happening it all makes for a better team. For the Sales Manager, having the equivalent of music score to work from makes their job so much easier and more effective.

It is a reference point for behavioral change (moving from current position to a preferred position). Some say that if it wasn't measured it did not happen or it doesn't matter. The tool offers quantitative data and assists the Manager to determine what progress is being made and how that is impacting on the leading and lagging indicators.

It strengthens employee engagement by highlighting their purpose, their behaviors and the expected outcomes. One of the tasks of a Manager is to ensure their people are motivated and committed to the business. By focusing on the behaviours that makes a Sales Manager more competent and confident, they tend to develop increased motivation and job satisfaction.

It provides a gold mine of behavioral data to coach to, which ultimately improves confidence, competence and outright performance. The tool aids in creating a more effective and efficient sales team through the consistent improvement of behaviours of the Sales Manager that ultimately improve sales performance through their sales people.

Re-assessing over time will indicate to the Manager whether their behavior has been modified compared with their previous assessment. Re-assessing over time provides significant insight in determining performance improvement where both the Manager and the Sales Manager agree on the key behaviours that are driving their current levels of performance.

It makes their job easier. In many organisations the role of the Manager is to coach their people. The tool provides an instant framework and a goldmine of behavioral data to coach to and makes ultimately the Manager's job easier and more effective.

It enables a Manager and their Sales Manager to have a new meaningful connection. The 180° view of a Sales Manager within the tool is designed to arrive at a consensus with respect to areas of development and areas of strength. Conversations arriving at consensus are more constructive and helpful when it comes to a Sales Manager's job.


The Sales Manager role is often bestowed on to the best sales person, but many are not well positioned to deal with this very different role. Diamond Assessments® for Sales Managers - Learning and Development Tool was developed in the interests of improving the proficiency of sales managers when interacting with their sales people, internal and external stakeholders. It provides clear direction to lead, coach and manage the sales team to success.

Coupled with Diamond Assessments® for Sales People, a sales manager will have access to a goldmine of behavioural data to improve their own performance and the performance of each of their team members.

The assessment tool was based on the close observation of the behaviors of high-performance sales managers over the past 20+ years.

The behavioral assessment is very practical and down to earth with no hint of the theoretical. The assessment provides a goldmine of behavioral data that leads to improvement in competence and confidence.

The Assessment has been validated extensively with "real people under battle conditions". It's highly accurate when it comes to comparing assessment results with actual performance.
One of our customers told us that Diamond Assessments® is "a tool designed by sales managers. for sales managers".

The fully online tool firstly measures the level of "vital behaviors" exhibited by sales managers while at the same time providing a meaningful and relevant foundation for leading, coaching and managing sales teams.

The vital sales management behaviors directly relate to the four points of The Diamond Model® which is an engagement framework that highlights: Insight, Initiatives, Customer Value and Cadence. all with the core element of Relevancy.

The Assessment consists of a 41-question, Sales Manager self-assessment survey, and a complementary 40-question, comparative assessment by their manager. According to the answers, a fully online report is generated including suggested actions to improve sales management performance.

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