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Beyond 19 Partners now provides tailored Diamond Assessments® Reports to assist in the recruitment of Sales Managers, Sales People and Internal Sales/Customer Service people.

Recruiting the wrong person for any of these roles has significant consequences, yet most managers are not equipped to conduct a consistent and effective candidate selection process or interview.

Beyond 19 can assist you to identify the real behaviours of each Candidate throughout the recruitment and on boarding process.

How It Works

  • Short listed candidates complete the Online Behavioural Assessment
  • The report provides a summary of behaviours and a simple 'line of questioning' for the Manager to follow when recruiting for new staff
  • A more detailed report of the successful candidate is also provided to your Manager to assist in the Onboarding Process

Here's what some of our clients say about the process:

"Methven have recently used Diamond Assessments® when recruiting for Area Sales Managers.  The findings and analysis in the report were invaluable in creating specific and targeted questions in the final interview. 

The assessment process made a real difference in ensuring we were focussing in on specific sales behaviours and seeking demonstrated capability of those behaviours from the candidate, as opposed to the standard interview questions we were previously using. 

This has resulted in us not only recruiting capable candidates, but discounting candidates that did not meet the requirements of the role based on the learnings uncovered from the Diamond Assessments®."

Troy Mortleman, CEO, Methven

"Diamond Assessments® was an efficient and insightful tool we used in the recruitment process for our new Business Development Manager.

After completing a first interview, the candidate completed the Diamond Assessments® and I was able to use this to formulate specific interview questions around their answers for the second stage of the interview process. Because this is the applicants own assessment of their sales behaviours, they neeed to be able to provide specific feedback on how they came to their own rating.

The candidates Diamond Assessments® was an accurate and credible perception of themselve. They were able to explain and provide examples of their current role where they had demonstrated their strengths.

From a sales recruitment perspective this was fantastic tool to drill down to specific behaviours with the applicant."
Jacinta Vescovo, Central Regional Manager,  Rogerseller


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