Our Implementation Process

The process below outlines the flow of activities when we conduct Diamond Assessents® for a team. The outcome of which creates opportunities for focused attention of key areas for development and of strength. Flexible models of engagement can be viewed here.

Online Assessment Survey

The Sales Manager answers the self-assessment survey questions online. This takes approximately 15 minutes. Their Manager answers the same questions for each of their sales managers, this takes about 20 minutes.

The Assessment tool:

  • A tool that measures developmental needs and strengths so to indicate where focus is needed to get the results.
  • The thinking around behaviours is based on 20 years of observing high performing sales consultants
  • It outlines the vital sales behaviours

Report & Debrief

A Diamond Assessments® Expert reviews the assessments and then releases the online reports to the Manager for review (these are on-line and can also be printed)

The Diamond Assessment® Expert:

  • The Diamond Assessments® expert conducts a detailed debrief with the manager to prepare them for their one-on-one discussion with their sales manager debriefing guidelines are provided to the Manager to assist them with this process.
  • Gives individuals a framework to drive sales people's performance. It helps sales managers lead, manage and coach.

Report & conducts 1:1

The Manager then releases the reports and then conducts 1:1 with key actions to improve.  The report will use a scale to compare the sales and manager rankings by:

  • Agreed behaviors of strength
  • Agreed behaviors for development
  • Behaviors in contention

This can be a talking point for their personal development plan. 

Implement Actions

Implement the behavioural actions to improve sales performance.

The Managers follow up monthly with their Sales Manager to monitor progress especially on the impact the behaviours are having on their sales team. New actions can be created at any time and an email reminder system is built in to provide timely reminders to the Sales Managers to apply their chosen actions.


Book a Follow-Up Assessment

The Assessment can be taken again at any time, most companies schedule this to align with performance reviews. This tends to be every 6 or 12 months. The license agreement for Diamond Assessments® is for a 12 month period, with all users having full access over the period.

The assessment provides the measure of behavioural improvements. The metrics are compared to sales results and this provides a bases for ROI measurement.

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