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A tried and tested methodology, we formulated The Beyond 19 Diamond Model® over a 20-year period, following the high performers from a pool of over 1,500 sales people to research their approach, get feedback from their customers, and identify and map the key behaviours that differentiated them from their colleagues. Very quickly, some strong patterns emerged and these formed the core of The Diamond Model®, enabling all sales managers and sales people to improve their sales performance through behavioural change at a rate never seen before.

Today, our focus lies primarily on automated behavioural sales tools, enabling us to help more sales teams globally than ever before.

If you want a high-performance sales team based on a proven sales framework, our tools are tried and tested.

At Beyond 19, you will get:

How it works

  • A simple-to-use, proven framework to drive the vital sales behaviours that create a high-performance, commercially-astute sales culture
  • Behavioural assessments for sales managers, sales people, and internal sales that identify the current level of behaviours and overlay these with sales and behavioural data
  • A thorough competency development program based on the outcomes and agreed actions from the assessments that you can roll out quickly to transform behaviours and results
  • The ability to recruit for the desired behaviours, ramp performance quickly through the induction and onboarding process, and continue to coach and improve your team member's confidence and competence through the entire employment lifecycle for maximum results
  • Overall, a more rhythmic, efficient, and market-based approach with a focus on uncovering strong customer insight to deliver value consistently, resulting in vastly-improved sales outcomes

What our customers say:

Don't take our word for it! Here's how our customers describe their results:

The Beyond19 Diamond Model®

"I realised that we needed to do something different to meet our growth targets. When Beyond 19 showed us the Diamond, I saw potential. It didn't take long: one extraordinary result was that we won a $70M deal that otherwise would never have been on our radar."
Robert Ford, Regional Executive, NAB Major Client Group

"Using the Diamond, which we rolled out to our entire field force, we identified more proactive approaches that our partners valued. As a result, we are doing better deals and our share of their business has increased considerably."
Jeff Graham, Senior Manager, Sales Capability & Development, CGU Insurance

"They are awesome! The level of engagement in our business is impressive and their passion is contagious with my team. They are well respected by the Sales Managers and Sales Team alike. Sales Process, a vehicle for ongoing development and accountability for the sales team delivered with real world practical experience to ensure a relevant and powerful message."
Jonathan Cleland, General Manager

"Very professional and passionate, have engaged very well with our overall business and built strong relationships that have built not only confidence but trust with the team. Getting everyone to understand themselves and how they work and then work on ways to develop and improve in their role."
Mark Sandilands, Sales Manager

"More than anything else, they listened. Felt as though we had a bespoke solution that was tailored to our challenge. Left the company before we had finished, but will engage them at our new business. In a word, they gave me accountability of the sales team who couldn't hide."
Colin Runacres, Sales Manager

"The findings and analysis in the report were invaluable in creating specific and targeted questions in the final interview.  The assessment process made a real difference in ensuring we were focussing in on specific sales behaviours and seeking demonstrated capability of those behaviours from the candidate, as opposed to the standard interview questions we were previously using."
Troy Mortleman, Chief Operating Officer,  Methven

"Diamond Assessments® was an efficient and insightful tool we used in the recruitment process for our new Business Development Manager.  From a sales recruitment perspective this was fantastic tool to drill down to specific behaviours with the applicant."

Jacinta Vescovo, Central Regional Manager, Rogerseller

"Beyond 19 Partners has the unique blend of both a strong conceptual grasp of marketing with a bias for execution. I have partnered with Beyond 19 Partners as they have worked across organisations to design and implement performance improvement."
Richard Crawford, Consulting Partner, Right Turn Pty Ltd

"Beyond 19 Partners provide great facilitation, coaching and strategy, but perhaps their most valuable attribute is their ability to simplify complex issues down to the fundamental actions needed to address them."
John Phillips, Charter Mason


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