Diamond Behaviors™ - The Virtual Sales Coach

Create High Performance Habits

High performance sales teams rely on the behaviors of the sales managers and the sales people. Use Diamond Behaviors to create an ongoing development pathway with recommended and customizable actions for your sales teams.

Based on over 20 years researching the behaviors of high performing sales teams, Diamond Behaviors improves sales behaviors to drastically improve your win rates, margins and sales growth.

  • Move away from Transactional Behaviors

Transition to an insight driven approach proven to deliver real customer value with a focus on responsible selling.

  • Improve Coaching

Diamond Behaviors better aligns SP & SM by creating new conversations, collaboration and development. By leveraging areas of strength, progress can be made quickly.

  • Increase Salesforce Adoption

Create personalized development pathways for sales people and sales managers. With tailored recommended actions that drive success through focusing on the behaviors that matter. This also provides a new dimension of data for Einstein Data Analytics.

Here's how it works:

Step 1 - Review The sales managers review themselves against a set of vital sales management behaviors and the sales people review themselves against a set of vital sales behaviors. Each of their direct line managers review them against the same set of behaviors.

Step 2 - Report Each individual reviews their comprehensive report with their direct line manager. The report will provide a view of the individuals current behaviors and guides them to the behaviors that drive high performance.

Step 3 - Actions Using the virtual coach function, individuals select recommended actions and customize them to their situation. These actions appear as Salesforce tasks which create an opportunity for meaningful conversations between individuals and their direct line manager, leading to immediate opportunities for performance improvement.

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Improve your behaviours to improve your team

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