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At Beyond 19, we provide a world-leading behavioural sales framework, which enables you and your people to act on insight, rather than instinct. The foundation of everything we do, The Beyond 19 Diamond Model® was informed by 20 years of research on how high-performance sales people achieve outstanding results, both top line and margin, consistently.

The framework at its core highlights: Insight, Initiatives, Customer Value, and Cadence (otherwise known as: rhythm, discipline, planning, and priority). Each of these represents one point of the Diamond with the overarching element of Relevancy. This framework provides direction and guidance to drive the behaviours of your sales people in ways that benefit your customers, and ultimately achieve better results for themselves and your company.

Today, The Diamond Model® is delivered primarily via Diamond Assessments®, our sales assessment and development tool. So much more than just a simple sales assessment, Diamond Assessments® acts as a cradle-to-grave sales development tool, enabling your sales people to learn, grow, and excel quickly from recruitment right through their entire employment lifecycle. As your team grows, so does the tool, scaling easily to support new team members.

Diamond Assessments® is available in three variations for three key resources, with questions tailored to the required behaviours for each role:

Sales Managers

  • Focused on the vital behaviours of leading, coaching and managing sales teams to drive sales performance and better results.

Sales People

  • Focused on the vital sales behaviors exhibited by high-performance sales people to  improve sales performance and consistently achieve targets.

Internal Sales

  • Focused on the vital behaviours to improve the performance of inbound and outbound customer service and sales people.

With a comprehensive, yet easy-to-complete survey, Diamond Assessments® enables both the team member and their manager to measure the team member's behavioral strengths and areas for development, identifying where focus is needed moving forward to improve results. The process is as follows:

  1. The manager and team member complete the survey ranking the team member's performance in terms of the key behaviours

  2. Following the assessment, and depending on your chosen delivery model, a Diamond Assessments® Expert can review the report, coaching the manager on how to conduct the review meeting.

  3. The manager and team member meet, discussing the results and covering key actions to improve.

The report uses a scale to compare the rankings by:

  • Agreed behaviours of strength
  • Agreed behaviours for development
  • Behaviours in contention

This is often conducted as part of an overall performance review, and provides a framework for discussing the behaviours required for success.

How it works

The Beyond19 Diamond Model

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