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As an established business you are likely to be looking at new ways to win business. You need to differentiate yourself and not compete on price. Insights about how to position your business and show the value to your customers begins with your front line: your sales team.

At Beyond 19, we provide a world-leading behavioural sales framework, which enables you and your people to act on insight, rather than instinct. The foundation of everything we do, The Beyond 19 Diamond Model® was informed by 20 years of research on how high-performance sales people achieve outstanding results, both top line and margin, consistently.

The framework at its core highlights: Insight, Initiatives, Customer Value, and Cadence (otherwise known as: rhythm, discipline, planning, and priority). Each of these represents one point of the Diamond with the overarching element of Relevancy. This framework provides direction and guidance to drive the behaviours of your sales people in ways that benefit your customers, and ultimately achieve better results for themselves and your company.

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"The Diamond gave us immediate benefits. It helped us understand our connection with our brand and the ideal partners, which has driven big gains in share of wallet in some cases, we are now getting more than 50% of our partners' business."
Mark Bejatovic, CEO

"The findings and analysis in the report were invaluable in creating specific and targeted questions in the final interview.  The assessment process made a real difference in ensuring we were focussing in on specific sales behaviours and seeking demonstrated capability of those behaviours from the candidate, as opposed to the standard interview questions we were previously using.
Troy Mortleman, Methven

"We used the Diamond to work with the dealer channel to identify sales of higher margin, without sacrificing unit volume. Using this approach, we achieved a 20% increase in average sale value, with a corresponding uptick in unit sales. Overall we almost doubled our sales volume in 18 months with a significant improvement in our profitability."
Angelo Di Lizio, National Retail Sales Manager, Continental Tyres

"There is an extraordinary amount of B2B sales services in the market. It's hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. From my experience, Tony Hall and his team from Beyond 19 set the benchmark in developing B2B business development and sales capability in an organisation. In our business, the Diamond Program has facilitated an effective way to understand our market, clients and the way to deliver value in their eyes. It's also provided an effective tool in developing our people and measuring performance in sales, and sales management.As a result of this investment and in a short period, we're looking at a very good outcome at the end of our Financial Year (17)"
Reuben Priestly, General Manager Sales & Marketing, Recochem

"I have dealt with Beyond 19 for over 10 years and in particular Tony Hall. Tony takes time to understand the business, the markets it operates in and the capability of the people to deliver on the objectives before applying the Beyond 19 principles. He becomes a mentor and confidant to my direct reports which in itself builds trust in him and the journey the business is on. The embedded nature of the relationship is to me the key to the results its drives which have been beyond what was ever expected."
Paul Walker, General Manager Sales, Davey Water Products

"I have had the pleasure of working with Tony and the Beyond19 team on multiple engagements within several organisations. Tony has a great ability to attain deep insight into the business challenges that we were facing and help problem solve some solutions that were tailored to our specific issues. Tony was exceptional in his engagement of my teams and business partners and I was constantly given feedback from my people on how impressed they were with him and his team.
The solutions that the Beyond19 team were able to implement were exceptional. Our learning around the Diamond model has proven invaluable and is used in an ongoing manner by the teams that implemented it. I can not talk highly enough about the amazing support that both Tony and the Beyond19 team provide and the impact that they have had on the business. I would highly recommend them if considering a sales development program for your organisation."

Ashley Spowart, CGU and Westpac


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