Case Study - Renewed Focus


Client Business Issues
  • There was recognition of an imminent market downturn
  • New General Manager wanted to significantly grow market share
  • Believed that if the sales team could embrace a planned approach, this would achieve marketplace penetration
  • The product mix needed to shift to be more in line with the market
Perceived Opportunity
  • Potential for market share growth during the downturn in key segments
  • Break the shackles of the old framework, from a reliance on established customers to a better mix of existing customers and new business
Insight Uncovered by Beyond 19 Partners
  • The sales team had difficulty in articulating and delivering the value proposition
  • There was segment potential but was not clearly recognised
  • The sales mix needed to shift to a broader base of product including new technologies
  • The coverage was very poor across some segments
  • The sales team delivered results that shifted their contribution to the overall Australian production from an average of 28% to greater than 50% within 6 months
  • Sustained ongoing volume is achieving approximately 43% of Australian production
  • Better mix of sales to new customers to existing customers through an increase of new business wins of 20%

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