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Important Considerations for CRM

Posted by Paul Davenport on 18 December 2018
Important Considerations for CRM

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is usually implemented with the intention to improve the performance of each sales team member.  However, for various reasons along the way, the CRM is often seen by the team as an administration burden that is implemented by management as a means for them to 'keep an eye on what they are doing".

The CRM can now be so much more.  When reviewing your CRM we recommend you consider the following:

For each sales person, have the behaviors that will ultimately drive high performance been recorded and tracked in the CRM?

Does the CRM provide guidance to the individual sales person on their individual behavioral strengths that can be leveraged to drive higher performance?

To assist communication between the sales person and their manager - does the CRM capture a 180-degree view of the behaviors and habits of the sales person?

Does the CRM capture the behaviors of the Sales Managers so that that they can drive improved performance at both an individual and team level?

Do the Opportunities in the CRM reflect just the 'Stage' of the transaction (e.g. at Proposal Stage) or does it reflect the real issues underlying the Opportunity, whether in fact you are across those issues, how well are you across the approval process and the corresponding Value that you can deliver to the Client.

Capturing these insights is vital as each sales person will understand the behaviors and habits that will ultimately drive higher performance.

If the answer to any of these questions is 'no' don't hesitate to contact us at Beyond 19 Partners

Author: Paul Davenport
About: Paul has over 20 years of experience in sales and senior management in large and medium sized businesses in the Banking, Finance and Commercial Data industries. Paul brings sound business acumen and an expertise in leading, coaching and developing high performing sales teams to his clients. Paul has a strong track record in assisting clients to win new business and grow revenues through robust key account management. Paul has an ability to work across a diverse range of sales teams, and effectively engages across the business, from the CEO, Sales Director, Sales People and new starters to ensure sales behaviours are optimised to improve sales performance and maximize outcomes for the business and the individual.
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