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If you fail to have a sales plan - you are planning to fail

Posted by Paul Davenport on 27 April 2017
If you fail to have a sales plan - you are planning to fail

How to plan your sales day more effectively - Learn more

As a sales person, knowing how to proceed each day keeps you focused on providing value to your clients and finding new prospects based on the information you have gathered as part of the planning process.

With a clear direction, utilizing the combination of short and long term goals, you can more readily keep on track and maintain momentum. You can also clearly see the progress you are making which underpins maintaining your motivation.

In addition, planning is necessary to better guide decision making and channel resources efficiently, set goals and define direction.

If there are so many reasons for consistent and thorough planning why do so many sales and account management people neglect this vital behaviour??

For a start, it does require some effort and discipline. So many start the process and lose their way as the day to day demands build up. Many simply don't how to plan. And if they do know, they don't have a consistent approach.

So what should you consider when planning your year, month or day?

  • Look at last year's results, review your prospects and targets, allow for current market conditions as well as changes in your products and services.
  • Consistently review your Opportunity pipeline by breaking them down into stages of where you actually are in the sales process. And remember, don't fool yourself into thinking an Opportunity is further advanced than it really is.
  • Allocate your time according to the potential of the opportunity not just its size or worse still, on how well you get along with your client.
  • Plan your day and week ahead. You will find that the 'hard to complete' tasks don't get neglected and the rhythm of your deals are maintained to shorten the sales life cycle.

Planning is often easier said than done - as it requires constant and rhythmic attention. As Benjamin Franklin once said:

"If you fail to plan you are planning to fail"

Author: Paul Davenport
About: Paul has over 20 years of experience in sales and senior management in large and medium sized businesses in the Banking, Finance and Commercial Data industries. Paul brings sound business acumen and an expertise in leading, coaching and developing high performing sales teams to his clients. Paul has a strong track record in assisting clients to win new business and grow revenues through robust key account management. Paul has an ability to work across a diverse range of sales teams, and effectively engages across the business, from the CEO, Sales Director, Sales People and new starters to ensure sales behaviours are optimised to improve sales performance and maximize outcomes for the business and the individual.
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