Beyond 19 Salesforce Virtual Coach Apps

Based on 20 years of sales behaviour research, Beyond 19 developed a world-leading behavioural sales framework which enables you and your people to act on insight, rather than instinct. The foundation of everything we do, The Beyond 19 Diamond Model® outlines how high-performance sales people achieve outstanding results, both top line and margin, consistently.

Now, the Diamond Model® is more actionable than ever before brought to life via our Beyond 19 Virtual Sales Apps. Seamlessly integrating with Salesforce, these apps improve sales behaviours to drastically improve your win rates, margins and sales growth.

Individual Sales Coach App for Salesforce®

A small change in behaviour can have a big impact on results. Diamond Assessments®, is an assessment & coaching tool enabling you to assess sales behaviours, follow suggested prompts & make better decisions during the sales process to significantly improve performance.

Opportunity Management App for Salesforce®

Sequencer, assists you to better manage sales opportunities through recommended next actions, based on best practice sales behaviours that can be tailored to any situation. Identify where you're at, what to do next, how to recover & most importantly improve sales win rates & margins.

Strategic Account Management App for Salesforce®

SLAM, assists you to manage & grow your large accounts strategically to maximise account penetration. Understand where your relationship with the account stands & what to do next with tailored questions, actions & templates to maximise the account.


"The Diamond Program has facilitated an effective way to better understand our market, clients and the way to deliver value in their eyes. It's also provided an effective tool in developing our people and improving our performance in sales and sales management.
Reuben Priestly, General Manager Sales & Marketing, Recochem
"The Diamond approach changed the way we do business. By better understanding our customer's strategic objectives, we could put together longer term, high value proposals. So instead of bidding on short term jobs, we are now building real business partnerships with our customers."
Drew Pawlak, Senior Vice President, Business Development, BMM Testlabs
"I support a large, national sales team. I suspected we didn't fully understand the potential of our Broker & Agency network and we seemed to react to opportunities rather than chase the right business from the right connections. Using the Diamond, which we rolled out to our entire field force, we identified more proactive approaches that our partners valued. As a result, we are doing better deals and our share of their business has increased considerably."
Jeff Graham, Senior Manager, Sales Capability & Development, CGU Insurance

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