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Why we do what we do

We love sales, and our team is united by a powerfully simple mission:

To provide the framework and tools for each person to be the best sales person they can be and meet their target consistently.

Working closely with salespeople is a privilege.  Great salespeople understand the power of connection.

In a world where organisations have an aversion to even having the word "sales" in a person's title, we are passionate about helping sales people take pride in their profession.  We show them how to deliver value for their clients and for themselves in a way that makes sense.

We do this through sales behaviours. 

Think of your top sales person.   Imagine if you could clone them!

It's not enough to develop selling skills because it's not just that they're more skilled. But that's what many sales training companies specialise in.

It's not enough to focus only on mindset because it's not just that they're more motivated.

We'd argue that top sales people probably have great skills and great motivation but it's the way they do what they do consistently and effectively that elevates them to the top 10%.  That's why setting targets isn't a direct route to achieving them.

When salespeople know what they need to do, why and how to do it they're able to take action in the right way.  And it's the difference between mid performers and high performers.

Over time, individuals, teams and companies literally transform and the connection between behaviour and results becomes obvious.

We know firsthand just how rewarding it is to be a sales person or manager when you're making target, and also how tough it is when you're not. Whether you've been managing a sales team for years, have just stepped up into a management role, or you're a sales person in your first sales position, our framework guides you through the behaviours you need to adopt to consistently achieve your target. Nothing makes us happier than seeing people excelling in their role, making more money, and gaining recognition internally and with customers. After all, when you're happy at work, you're happy at home and in life in general and that's what we're all about.

With all this talk of diamonds, you may be thinking 'What's Beyond19 all about?' Great question!

The phrase 'Going 19 to the dozen' has been around for years, originating in the Cornish tin and copper mines back in the 18th century. These mines were often hit by floods, and relied on coal-powered, steam-driven pumps to clear the water. When working optimally, these pumps could clear 19 thousand gallons of water for every dozen bushels of coal hence, 19 to the dozen. The expression often means going at breakneck speed, but also became the benchmark for maximum productivity, in terms of both efficiency and effectiveness.

At Beyond 19, we work with clients who want to raise the bar even further hence, going beyond the 19.

At Beyond 19, we work with clients who want to raise the bar even further hence, going beyond the 19.

At Beyond 19, we provide a world-leading behavioural sales framework, which enables you and your people to act on insight, rather than instinct. The foundation of everything we do, The Beyond 19 Diamond Model® was informed by 20 years of research on how high-performance sales people achieve outstanding results, both top line and margin, consistently.

The framework at its core highlights: Insight, Initiatives, Customer Value, and Cadence (otherwise known as: rhythm, discipline, planning, and priority). Each of these represents one point of the Diamond with the overarching element of Relevancy.

This framework provides direction and guidance to drive the behaviours of your sales people in ways that benefit your customers, and ultimately achieve better results for themselves and your company.


Our values form the backbone of everything we do: Learn more here

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