Time to improve your team's sales performance?

Creating High Performance Sales Behaviors

Beyond 19 improves B2B sales performance through behaviors - delivered through Salesforce Apps.

Utilizing over 20 years of research into sales behaviors, we help companies create differentiation and drive a proactive way of working to improve results.


Create High Performance Habits

  • Move away from Transactional Behaviors
  • Improve Coaching
  • Increase Salesforce Adoption

Win More Opportunities in Less Time

  • Improve Forecasting
  • Increase Win-rates
  • Create a better Sales Experience

Release the Potential of Key Accounts

  • Improve Share of Wallet
  • Creates a Coordinated Approach
  • Avoid Missed Opportunities

Client Testimonials

"Results didn't take long: one extraordinary achievement was that we won a $70M deal that otherwise would never have been on our radar."
"We identified more proactive approaches that our brokers valued. As a result, we are doing better deals and our share of their business has increased considerably."
"The embedded nature of Diamond Behaviors has been the key that has driven results well beyond what was ever expected."
"The Diamond approach changed the way we do business. By better understanding our customer's strategic objectives, we have won longer term, higher value contracts."
"Diamond Behaviors has enabled our team to build an approach to develop their networks and effectively gather deeper insights."
"We have achieved 40% growth in key accounts directly attributed to chasing the right opportunities at the right time."

Improve your behaviours to improve your team

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